Weekend Wrap up: Lulu’s Birthday!

12 Nov

This past weekend was a lot of fun. The Family came to Charlotte for Le Roux’s 26th Birthday. We started the weekend off by heading to Skillets for a yummy breakfast Saturday morning. After we ate, the guys headed out to The Fork for an afternoon of skeet shooting. Le Roux invited 8 of his friends to go with him and they had a great time! While the guys were doing that, Kelly, Marisa, Mom and I went shopping of course! We covered all of Blakney at the green and popped into all the different shops and boutiques and definitely was successful as always.

Everyone met back at home and got ready for Le Roux’s Birthday dinner. His restaurant of choice was Del Friscos which is a steak place in the South park area of Charlotte. The food was delicious and it was a great atmosphere! I ordered a cake that we brought to the restaurant and surprised him with it after we were finished eating dinner.

Presents, balloons, and decorations followed back at home where Le Roux stocked up on some great gifts. Cards, a DVD, clothes, and his favorite work-out gear.  Our Birthday gifts to each other this year is a trip to Boston! We leave this Friday through Monday so we are looking forward to celebrating both of our Birthdays with a trip for just the two of us.

We had a relaxing morning Sunday with breakfast at the house complete with bagels, fruit, and the infamous Monkey Bread which is an old family recipe {Recipe coming to the blog soon!} The guys then headed to the Broncos vs Panthers game at Time Warner cable arena downtown. The girls headed to do some more shopping and knocked out some Christmas shopping which was a plus!

Overall, it was a great weekend spent celebrating Le Roux’s Birthday and great Family time. Le Roux and I loved having everyone together here in Charlotte with us and hoping that everyone will be back soon for another visit! Only 11 more days  until we are all together again in Richmond at Marisa and Adam’s house for Thanksgiving.

Xo Kim


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