What We Wrapped for the Insta-Obsessed

6 Dec

You know who we’re talking about. The person who doesn’t let you touch any of your food before he or she gets it looking picture perfect. The one who has 547 selfies saved to their camera roll because they couldn’t get it looking just right the first time. And the #girl who can’t form a #sentence without using a #hashtag. Having trouble thinking of what to wrap for the person on your list who is obsessed with instagram? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

20121205-155428.jpgInstagram Inspired iPhone case

20121205-153434.jpg{Polaroid} Instant Digital Camera 20121205-153443.jpgor turn their favorite instagram photos into a watch, magnetspillows, or cookies!snapshot_cookies

Snapshot cookies by bakingforgood.com

If you don’t like any of those ideas, just get them a Starbucks gift card. The majority of pictures on instagram are of Starbucks cups anyway {yepp, we’re guilty too!}


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#loveya Kim and Kelly


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