23 Jan

1. The 1920s

Recently we had our annual work party and this year was a  Roaring 20s theme. We didn’t go all out with our outfits but had so much fun making these fun headbands and dancing the night away!


2. Clarisonic

Our mom got us each a Clarisonic for Christmas and we were instantly obsessed. We gotta be honest, we weren’t the best about washing our faces , but this little machine has forced us into a routine. We’ve been using them every couple of days and saw results immediately. It’s like a mini facial and the best thing is it takes just 60 seconds.20130115-114856.jpg

3. Boston Terrier Wrapping

We saw this Boston Terrier gift wrap at Target and freaked out! We’ve got a Boston in the family and couldn’t stop ourselves from stocking up on these fun gift bags, wrapping paper, and tags.


4. Michael Kors turquoise watch

We stumbled across this Michael Kors watch on pinterest and needed it. After discovering it was no longer available anywhere, we made it our life’s mission to have it. After months of eBay stalking, we finally found one and won it!


5. Witty Wines

This bottle of wine from Swanson Vineyards is perfection. That’s all we have to say.


Xo Kim and Kelly


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