Wine-ing and Design-ing

14 Mar

We love painting and we love crafts. It’s nice to be creative once in a while especially when it’s something new and different. So when my friend Erika invited me for a night of Wine and Design I was so excited and immediately responded YES! I had heard so much about places like this and was not going to pass up the chance to have a fun girls night and be creative at the same time.

As soon as we walked into the studio, we were greeted by friendly faces and colorful walls filled with canvases from past classes and artists work.


We poured our wine, got our aprons on, and found a work station. We had a class of about 15 plus an instructor which made for a fun time!

This is the blank canvas that you start with.

Blank canvas

The instructor goes step by step to bring the painting together, but it was really cool to see how even though everyone was painting the same picture, they all looked different; different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on that specific person’s creativity.

In progress..


Flower and vase

After some wine, some laughs, and lots of paint.. our masterpieces were complete!

Complete Paintings

Erika and Kim Painting

It was so much fun and this will most definitely be something that we do again.

Xo Kim and Kelly


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