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2 Year Anniversary

19 Mar

Today marks 2 years married to the love of my life. I can’t believe it has been 2 years already! This time 2 years ago we were gathered with all of our family and friends as they witnessed us become husband and wife and celebrated with those we love most. Le Roux and I have so many memories between us and many more to come. I love him more and more each day and so excited for the future and what we have to look forward to! Adventures with him are my favorite and I couldn’t imagine anyone else by my side. I never knew I could love someone this much. He is my best friend, my soul mate, and I am so lucky to call him my husband!

Here is a look back at a few photos from the best day of our lives!

Imely Photo 00155

Imely Photo 00161

Imely Photo 00267

Imely Photo 00446

Imely Photo 00466

Imely Photo 00501

Imely Photo 00759

Imely Photo 00847

Imely Photo 00955

Imely Photo 00901

Imely Photo 01181

Imely Photo 01467

Imely Photo 01544

Tonight, Le Roux and I have reservations at Del Frisco’s here in Charlotte to celebrate. When we get home, we are going to rewatch our wedding video and exchange gifts. Saturday, we have planned an entire spa day at the Ballayntyne Resort with each other to just relax and spend time together!

Xo Kim


Passion for Fashion {Week!}

7 Jan

One month from today, we will be heading to the Big Apple with our sister, Marisa, for New York Fashion Week!! We cannot put into words how excited we are. This was a BIG Christmas gift from our amazing Dad and we were all shocked when we opened up the envelopes that read we would be headed there in February.

Fashion Week paper

New York Times square

We are waiting for the show schedule to be posted so that we can choose which designers we want to attend.  Fashion shows, celebrities, being in the city, shopping, eating.. what is not to love!? New York is one of our favorite cities to travel to and this experience of a lifetime that will definitely be one for the books!

Fashion week runway

Now the question is: WHAT SHALL WE WEAR!?

xo Kim and Kelly

Kissing 2012 Goodbye

31 Dec

We were sitting around this weekend talking about how amazing this year has been. So much happened for the both of us, and thinking of it all at once made us realize how blessed we really are.

{Kim} 2012 was an exciting year for me filled with hard work, lots of travel, and great times. We watched our fur baby Baxter turn 1 in February, Le Roux and I celebrated our first year of marriage in March with a surprise trip to Asheville for the weekend {thanks hubs!} and made our house a home with some painting, house projects, and decorating. Traveling seemed to be a common thing for me in 2012 and it always seemed like I was packing my suitcase for my next destination. My travels included Richmond, New York, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, Sarasota, St. Pete, Boston, and Ohio. I successfully planned and went through 7 wedding events at my job throughout the spring, summer, and fall where I really fell in love with my role as a Social Events Coordinator.

{Kelly} The beginning of this year was filled with so much love and excitement as we helped plan and then attended all of Marisa’s wedding festivities: a shower and a bachelorette party followed by a beautiful wedding where I’ve never seen my sister more happy. I completed my first year in my fulltime staff accountant position and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I of course squeezed in as much travel as possible. I visited Virginia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Alabama for Hangout Fest with two of my best friends, Courteney and Tessa, family vaca to Puerto Rico, a quick euro trip with Al to Barcelona, Brussels, and Berlin, a few NYC trips, and an amazing 25th birthday celebration in Palm Beach.

We are both so thankful for everything this past year has brought and so excited to see what 2013 has in store for us!

Happy New Year! Have a virtual glass of champagne with us!

Kim and Kelly

Happy 25th Birthday, Kelly!!

18 Dec

Kelly Birthday

My other half turns a quarter of a century old today! Thank you for always being there for me when you know I need it the most, for being my human calculator, fashion stylist, for teaching me the best hair curling techniques, for being my shopping companion and my favorite dinner date. Thank you most of all for being the best friend to me that everyone hopes to have in life!




Kelly Strawberry Patch

I hope you have the most amazing birthday! Enjoy your day and everything that comes with it.

Love you!

 Xo Kim

Happy Friday!

14 Dec

We’re on our way to Palm Beach, Florida with our close friends Natalie and Kelsey to have a much needed girl’s weekend to celebrate Kelly’s 25th birthday! Think spa, champagne, and cupcakes.. What could be better?
Check back next week for our weekend recap or follow along on instagram @aloveletteraway to see what we’re up to!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Xo Kim and Kelly


Happy Birthday, Kim!!

28 Nov


Today this little cutie turns 26!

Happy birthday, Kimmy! You’re not just my sister but my best friend and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for all the times you are there for me and the way you take care of me like a good big sister eventhough you’re just one year older. Thank you for the advice you give me, the times you just listen when I want to vent, and mostly importantly the times you pretend to be me and call people when I don’t want to. You definitely deserve more than just one day to celebrate you, so I hope today is extra fabulous!

Eat extra cake! I love you!



Happy Thanksgiving!

22 Nov

We made it a family tradition that you have to cook the first major holiday after you get married. Kim cooked Easter in April of 2011 and now we’re up here in Richmond, VA at Marisa’s house as she cooks Thanksgiving dinner for our immediate family {7 of us now!} and also our Aunt Dawn, Uncle Joe, and their three kids. We are really enjoying spending this time with our family, but wanted to take a minute out of our day to say THANK YOU for reading our blog. It’s only been two months since we started aloveletteraway and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. We are so thankful for the love and support of our friends and family, and even more thankful for those people who we don’t know that check back daily to see what we’re up to. We hope you are all surrounded today by your family and are as uncomfortably full as we are. Gobble gobble!

With love,
Kim and Kelly