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BBQ Beer Chicken

4 Feb

We both love pulled pork, so why not pulled chicken? When we stumbled across this recipe via Pinterest {of course!} it was a must try.This was a great addition to our Super Bowl menu yesterday. This recipe makes a lot, so it is great to have as leftovers the next day, or make for a tailgating event with lots of your friends.

BBQ Beer Chicken in the crockpot:

What you’ll need:

3 pounds boneless, skinless fresh chicken breasts (6 large)
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp paprika
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 cup beer {any kind you like} We used a dark beer and the flavor was great!
4 cups (32 ounces) of barbecue sauce {any kind you like} We used Jack Daniels BBQ sauce which is our favorite.
Hamburger buns


1. Add all the ingredients, aside from the chicken, to the crockpot and combine.
2. Add the chicken to the crockpot. Make sure to submerge the chicken into the sauce so it’s covered.
3. Set your crockpot to low for 6 hours.
4. After 6 hours, shred the chicken and then add it back to the sauce in the crockpot. Let the shredded chicken sit for about 15 or so minutes so the shredded chicken absorbs the sauce.
5. Serve on hamburger buns and top with coleslaw or any other topping desired!

Pulled chicken sandwich

The chicken may take longer or shorter than 6 hours depending on the size of your crockpot. After 4 hours, check the chicken to see if it is ready to be shredded.

Xo Kim and Kelly


Haymarket Designs

15 Nov

Kim discovered this site months ago, and if you’re the kind of gal who is into bright patterns and everything monogrammed, then it’s time you know about it too. All of the products from Haymarket Designs are done in the traditional, southern style with a modern twist. They allow you to choose a fun print and make koozies, iphone covers, beach towels, plates, cutting boards, and trash cans with your name or monogram on them. We really love the college koozies, and have been rockin’ one all football season.



The only thing they’re missing are notebooks, but lucky for you we’ve found a great site for that too! {read our post about maybooks here!}

We can’t wait to order the wine bottle tote {which would also make a great housewarming/hostess gift!} and a college platter for our next game day party!


Happy shopping!
Xo Kim and Kelly